Meet the Team!

Here you have our fantastic team of Greenkeepers!
Head Greenkeeper, Mark and his team – Dean, Ashley and Peter. You will also see Geoff around the course tending to the more visual aspects.

You’ll all know Mark, Dean and Ashley very well as these faces have been here longer than I have, I can’t say I’ve never seen a smile on their faces, which with North East weather is very surprising! Peter is new to the team as of late 2017, he’s just getting his feet under the table and Geoff, we inherited from Hall Construction because he’s just so good at what he does!

As a team they keep (or try to keep) our course going through all seasons and through each weather system that falls ontop of Woodham. Whatever the weather they are out on our course or shoveling snow from our car park. From Bunker regeneration to clearing copses, grass cutting to machinery repairs, ditch clearing to post painting our greensteam do it all.

I’ll be asking members of our Greens team to give us a monthly update on how they think things have gone, what they’ve been doing, what they think they’ll be doing going forward and generally how life is at Woodham (very wet If I were to quiz about the last few months I would imagine).

Please be courteous to our Greens team and give them right of way when on the course, they are doing their job to help you get out and play your round.