Get Into Golf

Recently, myself, Ernie & Chris (JLO) have been meeting regularly and putting together measures to attract Juniors to Get Into Golf.

If you didn’t know Get into Golf is a campaign that is being initiated by England Golf with the support of the Golf Foundation. It’s for any age group and anybody can learn to play. The idea behind it is to get as many people playing golf as possible. Woodham Golf and Country Club’s get into golf days are being supported by Durham County Golf Partnership. They have so far helped us secure posters and banners and we’re currently in the process of securing inflatable nets for our free coaching days for schools!

After attending a forum at George Washington Golf Club I have been able to share with our Professional and committee members what other clubs in our area are doing to help get more people involved. With the sound understanding that we should all be working together to make this sport as successful in the North as it is in the South – with us being the friendlier half of the country I don’t think that’ll be too hard do you? – challenge accepted! Woodham is a HSBC Golf Roots Centre, which is something we’re rather proud of. Golf Roots is an initiative for getting more Juniors into the sport through the use of Tri Golf, Golf Extreme and Street Golf. So we’ve been recognised as a centre for providing juniors in our area with a safe and responsible place to coach them. We’ve also offered our practice area to Golf Roots as a place for workshops to teach coaches and volunteers.

Last month Ernie held a “learn golf in a day” coaching day for Juniors and if I do say so myself it was quite the success. The weather was certainly behind us and from what I saw the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves!

We hope to hold more coaching sessions for adults and juniors throughout the summer months through funding and grants and we’re looking for other organisations to work with within the local community. If you or anybody you know is interested in taking up golf or just learning how to play please contact the Pro Shop on 01325 319977 and ask as many questions as you like! If you’d like to work with us, influencing children to take up something that will lay down foundations and skills for life please contact myself at and I will be delighted to discuss future projects!

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