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Hole 6

Along the back of the copse of trees is the 6th tee, walk on, take a look and tee it up, where’s the green? What do I aim at? The line is slightly left of the black and white marker post is perfect, little bit of shape left to right and you’re in the middle of the fairway, anything too far right and you’re blocked out to go for the green and you’re chipping into the throat of the trees, too far left the same fate awaits as the fairway slopes strongly to the left and the ball always takes a huge bounce. The second shot is always tough if you’re right or left you’re looking at chipping out or hitting a shaped shot towards the green. From the fairway it’s not totally straight forward, no bunkers but a large tree overhangs short right with a kidney shaped green below, hit it too long, too right or too left and you guessed it the trees are waiting, middle of the green and you’re not too far from the hole, be careful with the subtle slopes and hollows.

Par Yards SI
66 White Tee Par 66 White Tee Yards 66 White Tee SI
66 Yellow Tee Par 66 Yellow Tee Yards 66 Yellow Tee SI
66 Red Tee Par 66 Red Tee Yards 66 Red Tee SI

Pro's Tip

Beautiful hole, position again is so important of the tee, favour left side of the fairway to a long green, set in beautiful woodland.

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