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3 & 4 Balls allowed from 1st June

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Hole 5

Walk down the bank and look right what do you see, the narrowest of fairways and deep trees on both sides, once you’re on the tee it looks wider but the seed of doubt has been laid “don’t hit it into the trees” the tee shot is a decision, do you play safe and hit a mid-iron gambling your longer second shot can reach the corner so you can see the green 90 degrees to the left or do you take the big stick out and take a chance, the choice is yours. The second shot is no easier but whatever you do make sure you get the ball out of the end of the avenue of trees the braver golfer takes the corner on and gives you a wide open shot onto a fairly flat circular green protected by a single bunker short right, but hit it too far left and out of bounds awaits, par is always a score that is most welcome.

Par Yards SI
55 White Tee Par 55 White Tee Yards 55 White Tee SI
55 Yellow Tee Par 55 Yellow Tee Yards 55 Yellow Tee SI
55 Red Tee Par 55 Red Tee Yards 55 Red Tee SI

Pro's Tip

Avoid dense trees left and right, position your second shot out of the trees at the corner of the dog-leg to open up the green. Signature hole of the front nine. Keep it straight as you can. Beware it's so easy to lose your ball.

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