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3 & 4 Balls allowed from 1st June

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Hole 17

Quite simply a card wrecker “THE HARDEST PAR 3 IN THE COUNTY” long uphill par 3, one fairway bunker and no bail out, the narrow tee shot leaves only two options play it short of the bunker and walk off with a four or go for it and possibly walk off with anything from a two to double figures, the green is flat and long so putting isn’t too troublesome it’s the tee shot where the danger lies. To the left of the tee you will find the bench of Ian Alexander, a past captain, a gentleman and hugely respected.

Par Yards SI
17 White Tee Par 17 White Tee Yards 17 White Tee SI
17 Yellow Tee Par 17 Yellow Tee Yards 17 Yellow Tee SI
17 Red Tee Par 17 Red Tee Yards 17 Red Tee SI

Pro's Tip

If you like a challenge well here's one. Very tough par 3, uphill, big trees left and right, play as a lay up shot as 4 here is good any day.

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