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3 & 4 Balls allowed from 1st June

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Hole 16

Across the wooden bridge and up the slope to the 16th tee and just look at the expanse of fairway, harder to hit than you think, a good straight tee shot will leave you at the bottom of the bank in the dip of the fairway, the fairway bunker is not in play to anybody but the bigger hitters so swing away. The green is uphill from here so don’t forget to take one more club than you need!! It’s deceiving, a bunker left is the only real hazard but if you hit it long water awaits, the green is two tiered and long so be careful to get on the right level, if you are two putts is the likely outcome if not it’s more tricky and three putts isn’t out of the question!

Par Yards SI
16 White Tee Par 16 White Tee Yards 16 White Tee SI
16 Yellow Tee Par 16 Yellow Tee Yards 16 Yellow Tee SI
16 Red Tee Par 16 Red Tee Yards 16 Red Tee SI

Pro's Tip

Strong par 4 avoid the left rough of the tee.

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