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3 & 4 Balls allowed from 1st June

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Hole 11

Down the gravel path, through the trees and onto the 11th tee, it’s not obvious where to hit it, the hole dog legs softly to the left with an off camber fairway to the right, the longer hitter will aim approximately 10 yards to the right of the copse of trees, the shorter hitter make it 20 yards, a well struck tee shot will end up in the fairway anything from 120 yards to 170 yards to the centre of the green, hit it too far left and its trouble in the trees, too far right and it’s a long iron or even hybrid into the green which is protected by a bunker short right and another next to the green on the left. The green slopes heavily from left to right so take note of the flag position when choosing the line of your second shot, this green is three putted regularly so be warned.

Par Yards SI
11 White Tee Par 11 White Tee Yards 11 White Tee SI
11 Yellow Tee Par 11 Yellow Tee Yards 11 Yellow Tee SI
11 Red Tee Par 11 Red Tee Yards 11 Red Tee SI

Pro's Tip

Dog-leg from right to left to a green with a lot of slope.

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