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Hole 10

If you stand on the 10th tee looking down the hole towards the green whatever you do don’t look right, you don’t want to see the 17th before you have to!!! The 10th is a long straight par 5 between two copse of trees, the tee shot is quite an easy decision hit driver and bring the trees into play or hit 3 wood or less short and leave an easy second through the gap or over the top. The longer hitter may think about reaching in two, a bit of advice, hit it left into the area in front of the 7th green, it opens the green up and shortens the 2nd shot. For the mere mortal play a mid-iron second shot to 100 yards or so leaving a short iron over the water hazard in front of the green, anything short rolls back into the water, anything long is in the trees and most likely dead, take care, two putts and walk off with a par or better and you have done well.

Par Yards SI
10 White Tee Par 10 White Tee Yards 10 White Tee SI
10 Yellow Tee Par 10 Yellow Tee Yards 10 Yellow Tee SI
10 Red Tee Par 10 Red Tee Yards 10 Red Tee SI

Pro's Tip

Big par 5, second shot avoiding tall trees left and right, lay up 80 to 100 yards short as to avoid the stream in front of the green.

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