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Hole 1

Walk from the clubhouse down the short path and step onto the 1st tee looking straight down the fairway and if you look closely you may be able to see the top of the flagstick on the green some 510 yards away. To your left is out of bounds so beware, to your right beyond the 9th and 18th greens lays heavy rough and trees. A straight tee shot is required aim it at the left half of the fairway as the ball will bounce right when it lands. Depending on your position you may be able to reach the green but anything in the dip would need a magnificent strike to reach it. For a blind second shot aim at the telegraph pole in the distance and you won’t go far wrong, too far left however a bunker, rough and trees await. Walk over the top of the hill and there it is! The green, bunker to the right with a large bank behind, have you reached? If not it’s usually a short iron third shot onto the large predominantly flat green, 2 good putts and you have secured your first par. Good start.

Par Yards SI
11 White Tee Par 11 White Tee Yards 11 White Tee SI
11 Yellow Tee Par 11 Yellow Tee Yards 11 Yellow Tee SI
11 Red Tee Par 11 Red Tee Yards 11 Red Tee SI

Pro's Tip

Keep it down the middle and the green is a comfortable 3 shots away.

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